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2024 Gymkhana Season Starts March 9th!


FRR’s 7 Gymkhana Show Series
Region 12 CSHA Rated Gymkhana
Sign Up: 7:30am
Start Time: 8:30am
Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Jr*, & 7Sr*
*(Jr is 13 & under/Sr is 14 & over)*


What We Strive For…….

We believe that a Fullerton and its Equestrian Center are a vital asset to our city and is one of the few equestrian communities left in Orange County today. We want to preserve the City of Fullerton for the benefit of the community along with preserving our unique location adjacent to this incredible Orange County Trail System. Our riding arena is located at Laguna Lake Park with over 26 plus miles of dedicated recreational trails connecting numerous city parks and creating many hours of enjoyable riding. During the many days, the riding ring is not used for shows, it serves all equestrians in the area. This ring and the accompanying facilities were built through the efforts and with the money of the Club.