2015 Fullerton Founders Day Parade

The Founders Day Parade, not held since 1993, will take place once again and FRR will be participating.
The parade that began in 1984 to celebrate Fullerton’s history will take place Saturday, Sept. 26 and feature local bands marching south along Harbor Boulevard from Berkeley Avenue through downtown. We are looking forward to concentrating on the something positive to place FRR back into the public’s eye and we need your help. Volunteers are needed for on the ground during the parade as well as in the vendor booth at the fair. So sign up now!!!!

Please email Amy Davis – aedavis@twc.com or call (714) 388-8990.

In order to be a mounted rider, please RSVP to Amy as soon as possible or CLICK HERE to a signup page.

All mounted riders for the parade are required to attend the parade practice held at the Fullerton Arena on Sunday Sept 20th, at 10am. Final decisions on whether your horse can participate will be made this day as well as important information regarding the parade, will be passed out.