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By-laws as Amended in March 1993 and July 1993

The name of this organization shall be: FULLERTON RECREATIONAL RIDERS, INC.

The purpose of this non-profit corporation shall be to promote the recreational advantages of the community and its general welfare through interest in good horsemanship.

Section I: A member shall be defined as one who has been presented by the Membership Chairman, approved by the Executive Board, has paid the appropriate dues and fees and as a member shall receive all club benefits including membership in the California State Horseman’s Association (hereinafter referred to as CSHA).
Section II: Membership in the corporation shall be in three classes:
A PROVIONAL member shall be an individual or family who has submitted a membership application and has paid the appropriate dues and fees but has not yet been presented by the Membership Chairman to the Executive Board for approval. This category of member may not vote or hold office..
An ACTIVE member shall be an individual or family who participates and works to support the corporation. If he/she is 18 years of age or older he/she may vote and hold office.
A SUSTAINING member shall be an individual or family who wishes to support the corporation financially, but is unable to work volunteer hours.

Section I: The officers of this corporation shall consist of a President, Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
Section II: The officers shall be elected for one year by ballot at the November meeting and shall take office at the December Executive Board Meeting.
Section III: There shall be seven directors of this corporation. Six directors shall serve for a period of two years. Three directors shall be elected at each annual meeting to replace three retiring directors. The immediate retiring President shall be the seventh director. If the immediate past President is unable to serve as director, then the seventh director shall be an immediate past President in reverse succession.

Section I: The Executive Board shall consist of all elected officers, directors and all standing committee chairmen as follows:
City Liaison Hospitality Show Club Bulletin Mailing Social CSHA Representative Trail Coordinator Facilities Membership Youth Group Adviser Food Service Publicity
If a director is also the chairman of a standing committee, he will represent both responsibilities on the Board, but will have only one vote.
Section II: The Executive Board shall meet the fourth Tuesday of each month.
Section II: A Special Executive Board meeting may be called by the President, Vice-President or any two elected officers or directors. A good faith attempt shall be made to contact all Board members in a timely manner. The official minutes of a Special Executive Board meeting shall be mailed within 48 hours to all Board members.
Section IV: A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Board.
Section V: A 2/3 majority of the Executive Board is required to reverse existing or add new standing rules of this corporation.

Section I: The Executive Committee shall consist of the six elected directors, the immediate Past President and the Vice-President who will be chairman of the meetings.
Section II: The purpose of the Executive Committee will be to plan long range projects, financing, revise the Bylaws or Standing Rules and other duties requested by the President.
Section III: The Executive Committee shall meet prior to the Executive Board Meeting at a time and place specified by the Chairman. In the absence of the Vice-President, the immediate Past President will serve as the chairman.
Section IV: The Chairman will select a director to serve as secretary. Minutes of the meeting will be furnished to the President and members of the Executive Committee within 7 days.
Section V: A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Committee.


Section I: The PRESIDENT shall preside over all General Membership and Executive Board Meetings. He shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Board and of all standing appointed committees except of the nominating committee. He shall appoint with the approval of the officers and director, all chairmen of standing committees as listed in these by-laws and of any others he deems necessary. He shall have the option to be a delegate of the corporation at CSHA board meetings, conventions, and other CSHA official functions.

Section II: The VICE-PRESIDENT, in the absence of or inability of the President to act, is vested with all the powers and shall perform all of the duties of the President. He shall be program director for all general meetings, directly responsible for the development of the Club’s activity calendar, and act as alternate delegate for the President at VSHA functions. He is chairman of the Executive Committee.

Section III: The SECRETARY shall keep minutes of each General Membership and each Executive Board Meeting. During meetings, he shall keep in his possession a copy of the current by-laws and copies of all correspondence by officers and chairmen. He shall notify the board members of all board meetings. Prior to a meeting he will not attend, he shall notify the President to appoint a temporary secretary. Minutes from the past Board Meeting will be made available for the General Membership and Executive Board Meetings.

Section IV: The TREASURER shall keep an accurate account of all moneys collected and disbursed and shall receive all dues from members. He shall make a monthly report at the General Membership and Executive Board Meetings. In conjunction with the Membership Chairman, he shall forward the CSHA dues annually. A budget committee may be appointed by the treasurer to be responsible for handling the club budget.

Section V: In the event the office of President is vacated, the Vice-President shall fill the office for the remainder of the term. In the event that the office of the Vice-President or any other elected officer or director becomes vacated it shall be filled from eligible members by special election of the Board if four months or less remain to be served. Special elections will be announced in the Trail Tales with nominations and election to take place at the next General Meeting.

Section I: The members of the Executive Board shall be defined in Article V, Section I.
Section II: If the President and Vice-President are not available, the immediate Past President will assume the duties of temporary President.
Section III: The Executive Board shall conduct the business of the corporation and make reports to the general membership. This does not prevent business from being presented for action at the General Meeting by any member of the corporation.
Section IV: If an officer or chairman misses three (3) consecutive Executive Board Meetings, he may be dropped from the Board upon written notice from the President.

Section I: Special membership meetings may be called by the President or Vice-President by written notice to all active members and for voting purposes a minimum of 15 members shall constitute a quorum.
Section II: The nominating Committee will submit their recommendations for all elective offices at the general membership meeting held in September each year. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the general membership meeting held in October. The election for these offices will be held at the November meeting unless necessary to fill a vacancy occurring after the close of nominations. Neither proxy nominations, nor proxy votes will be accepted.
Section III: The secretary shall publish in the October Trail Tales, a list of all elective office nominations recommended by the Nominating Committee.
Section IV: The secretary shall publish in the November Trail Tales, a list of all elective office nominations, including the slate presented by the Nominating Committee and all persons nominated from the floor.
Section V: In the event directorship becomes vacant due to the person being elected to higher office, the position will be filled by one of the following methods:
If more than 3 persons are on the ballot running for a directorship, the person receiving the fourth highest number of votes will fill the vacancy. If only 3 persons are running for directorships, the vacated position shall be filled through a special election. Nominations to be taken from the floor at the December General Meeting. The names of the candidates will be published in the January Trail Tales, with voting to take place at the January General Meeting.
Section VI: If an elected officer or director running for a higher office is not elected, he shall continue in his previous elected office.

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five active members. No more than two shall be from the Executive Board, appointed by the President and approved by a quorum of the Executive Board. Three shall be nominated by the general membership and elected at a membership meeting. They shall report their slate of officers at the September General Meeting.

“Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” shall govern this corporation unless otherwise stated herein.

These by-laws may be amended and/or revised by a 2/3 vote of the members preset at the general meeting, provided the proposed changes have been read at the previous general meeting, or mailed, or delivered to all voting members at least 2 weeks prior to the general meeting.

STANDING RULES – Amended in May 22, 2007
I. This corporation is a member of the California State Horseman’s Association (CSHA).
II. The General Meetings of this corporation shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month, at a time and place specified by the President.
III. Membership Dues:
A. Dues are payable in full with completed application.
B. 1. The Membership year will be from January 1st through December 31st. 2. Membership renewals not paid by January 31st will expire. Accordingly, you will not be listed in the new Roster Book, receive a Trail Tales, or other club benefits.
C. Persons under the age of 12 must join with a parent or legal guardian.
D. If anyone wished to join in November or December, they may pay $7.00 for the remainder of the year and the fees for the following year. If they choose not to pay for the following year, they then must pay the July to December fee.
E. Membership dues shall be as follows:
Description Jan 1st – June 30th
Individual Juniors (13 to 17) $30.00
Individual Senior (18 and over) $30.00
Couples and *Families $35.00
July 1st – Dec. 31st
Individual Juniors (13 to 17) $15.00
Individual Seniors (18 and over) $15.00
Couples and *Families $17.50
*Child must be living at home regardless of age.

IV Standing Committee
A. The only member of a Standing Committee to vote at Executive Board Meetings shall be the appointed Chairman.
B. The first point of business of the December Executive Board Meeting of the newly elected officers and directors will be the ratification by a quorum of the President’s appointment of the Standing Committee Chairmen.

V Expenditures
Standing Committee Chairmen are authorized to make expenditures up to $50.00 in one month without prior approval. Expenditures of $50.01 to $100.00 in any one month must have prior approval of the President and expenditures of $100.01 to $250.00 in any one month must have prior approval of three of the elected officers. Amounts of $250.01 and over in any one month must have prior approval of the Executive Board. Annual CSHA dues and annual insurance premium are accepted from the above rule. An emergency fund of $300.00 will be maintained for use of the Facilities Chairman, which will not require prior approvals.

VI Standing Committees
The Standing Committees of this corporation are listed below. Each committee shall have a Chairman. Each Chairman shall be responsible for keeping a procedure book and making it available to the succeeding Chairman.
A. City Liaison – shall promote good will and cooperation with Fullerton city officials and the Community Service Department and represent the policies of the corporation, as directed by he Board of Directors. In all matters of the city planning and zoning that affect horses or trails. He shall work closely with the Trail Coordinator on local trail matters.
B. Club Bulletin Chairman – shall be in charge of composing, printing and distribution of the “Trail Tales”.
C. Facilities Chairman – shall be in charge of the maintenance of the F.R.R. ring complex, storage building, grounds, et al. He shall coordinate with the Show Chairman for each show.
D. Cook Shack Chairman – shall be responsible for all food served at club activities at the ring facility, the sanitary condition of the related equipment and keep an active inventory of the non-perishables. He shall turn over all receipts and moneys collected to the treasurer within seven days after each event.
E. Hospitality Chairman – shall arrange refreshments for General Meetings, Board Meetings and shall send gifts, cards and flowers as necessary. Floral gifts to hospitalized member (2 days or more) or funeral of members shall not exceed $50.00.
F. Membership Chairman – shall process all applications for membership and shall promote new memberships. He shall keep an accurate membership file. He shall present all new membership applications to the Executive Board for approval at the meeting following receipt of application. He shall notify new members of their acceptance or rejection as soon as possible after the Board Meeting. He shall compute the CSHA annual dues in conjunction with the Treasurer. He shall prepare the annual F.R.R. roster listing all members, including the age of junior members. Distribution will be at the August Meeting.
G. Publicity Chairman – shall handle all club publicity and keep the corporation’s scrap book current. He shall cooperate with the Show Chairman on the promotion of corporation horse shows.
H. Show Chairman – may be assisted by a Western English and Gymkhana Assistant Manager and will be in charge of all shows. He shall head a show committee of sponsors, ads, entry booth, mailing, awards, programs, clean-up and ring preparation. He shall obtain Executive Board approval of the premium list of classes for each show at least 90 days prior to rated shows and 30 – 60 days prior to non-rated shows. He shall turn over all receipts and moneys collected to the Treasurer within seven days after each event. He shall assist the Vice-President with the development of the Club activity calendar.
I. Social Chairman – shall be in charge of all arrangements for club activities of a social nature, such as Christmas/Installation Dinner – dance, club parties, Hunt Breakfast, etc. He shall assist Vice-President with the development of the Club activity calendar.
J. Trail Coordinator – shall work and cooperate with adjacent corrals and communities and the CSHA Trail Coordinator for the purpose of coordination and establishing trails in the area. He shall work closely with the City Liaison on local trail matters. He shall coordinate and schedule club sanctioned local trail rides and trailer-out rides. He shall assist the Vice-President with the development of the Club activity calendar.
K. Youth Group Advisor – shall be in charge of counseling the youth group, guiding their activities and developing better horsemanship among their members.
L. Mailing Chairman – shall be in charge of mailing all printed material such as Trail Tales, premiums for horse shows, play days etc. The chairman shall keep lists up to date and current.
M. CSHA Representative – shall report, as necessary, to the Executive Board and to the General Membership, the activities of CSHA. He shall represent us at all CSHA conventions and other CSHA official functions in the absence of the President or Vice-President.

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