El Nino ????

IMG_3198Everyone came out on Sunday to help sand bag the arena and we couldn’t give enough thanks for that.  Our main concern is what goes IN and what goes OUT of the arena.  The arena will become a lake during storms and that is fine but limiting bad dirt from entering during erosion as well as letting the good dirt leave the arena is what we focus on.  We did this for our own preparation and the City of Fullerton will also be doing their own preparation but here is a picture of the group working together to get it done.  Thank you Al Rodriguez ( Facilities Chair) for staying on the City and keeping them aware of our issues.


Due to the challenges to divert the water from the hillside, the City of Fullerton has decided to lock the main street gate, until we are out of the heavy rain potential. Annoying……yes! Horses will just have to be unloaded out front on the street until the City clears the lot. If you have any questions, you can send me an email or call me with questions – Amy Davis