Great News

FRR will be participating in the Fullerton Founders Day Parade and Fair and we need your help. Volunteer spots are listed and need to be filled in order to commit to participation in the parade and fair. So sign up now!!!! Please email Amy Davis – or call (714) 388-8990

From your Board

After many long hours, the FRR Board unanimously voted to change our tax status from a 501C-7 to a 501C-4 Non-Profit Corporation. This will allow FRR to host horse shows, rent out our facilities, seek sponsorships for events as well as solicit the public for membership.
The board also agreed to hire an independent CPA firm to handle changing of the tax status transaction. The firm specializes in non-profit corporations so it would definitely accommodate the FRR’s needs.

We thank all the members for their patience and support!

Your FRR Board