Mission Statement

Founded in 1961, the Fullerton Recreational Riders (FRR) is an organization that promotes healthy living through equine recreation; holding events, meetings and or camp-outs monthly while continuing to educate horse owners and those interested in proper horse care and good horsemanship. The Riders are also community minded, educating our members and the public on horse safety which is necessary to the well-being of riders, pedestrians, dog walkers, bikers, and joggers enjoying the outdoors and while on shared trails. The Riders also care for our trails and shared open space.

How to Join

We welcome new members at any time of the year. It’s simple, just fill out a membership form and send in your membership fees – then the fun begins! We ask every active member to participate in the club in some way…that’s what makes this club work. There is a place on the membership form to mark the activities that interest you. We look forward to your contributions, time, and talents!

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