FRR Sponsorships

We would like to THANK all our previous sponsors

How does FRR put your sponsorship $$ to work?

Your contribution supports our youth program, weekend and year end awards, added Gymkhana Prizes

What do you get as a sponsor?
We will promote your business or branded item multiple times during all FRR sponsored events. Throughout 2023 we will host 7 Gymkhana Shows, 1 Fun Open Show, 1-2 clinics, Club Day Rides, Campouts and a Year-end Awards Banquet.

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: We will gladly accept any amount/item(s) you would like to contribute.

$50 Sponsor – Provides business card listing on our website and in our Trail Tails Monthly Newsletter and Social Media “Facebook/Instagram”

$100 Sponsor – $50 Sponsor Level benefits + your organization will be announced throughout the 2023 show season

$500 Sponsor – $100 Sponsor Level benefits + display your banner at all of our 2023 events and receive 2 Free Tickets to the Year End Banquet

Interested in Sponsorship? Feel free to Email Evan Tremper at Ett@Threathunter.ai

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